Expose your child to the digital language of tomorrow and guarantee them a stronger grasp of the English language. Your child will learn programming concepts through our drag-and-drop coding software, with an emphasis on learning the English language.

Activating both the left and right brain, this course will allow children to immerse themselves in a dynamic learning environment.

Children should learn to code because:

  • Coding drives innovation
  • Coding encourages creativity
  • Coding is best learned early – it’s an important 21st century language to master!
  • Coding translates to success in other areas like math, reading, and science

This programme will introduce your child to the basics of working with code and is perfect for beginners, with easy-to-understand, engaging instructions and no complicated jargon!

Recommended for: 7 to 12 year olds

Learning Outcomes
  • Expanded vocabulary base, knowledge and sentence construction
  • Improved proficiency in the spoken form of the English language
  • Develop essential skills needed to work with code, including problem-solving and logical reasoning
  • Understand the principles of computational thinking
  • Creation of your very own computer game
Programme Details

Age: 7-12 years old
Duration of course: 10 weeks
Frequency of class: Once a week
Length of class: 1.5 hrs
Day & Time*: Saturday, 1o:30am to 12pm

Total fees**: RM901.00

*Beginning 7th January 2017
**Inclusive of registration fee, material & test fees, GST