Presentations are a part of all our daily work lives; however, most of them are a complete waste of time for the audience. They are dull, irrelevant and uninspiring. This programme will teach you how to deliver presentations that will elevate you head and shoulders above your peers and ensure that you achieve your aims the next time you present.

By learning to craft and deliver powerful and effective presentations, your organisation will reap greater benefits from new ideas, product launches, conferences, meetings and sales pitches. We strongly believe that anyone can deliver an amazing presentation if they follow a few simple rules. This programme is designed to show you those rules and let you practise them in an encouraging environment.

Master the art of delivering high impact, successful and memorable presentations with our Maximum Impact Presentation Skills programme.

Recommended for:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Management Trainees
Learning Outcomes
  • Effectively plan, organise and execute storyboards of relevant information for presentation
  • Communicate effectively by employing effective eye contact, intonation, and gestures
  • Leverage on catchy introductions and impactful closure
  • Tailor and articulate messages to suit audiences
  • Deliver a maximum impact presentation in a personal style
  • Design and use visuals effectively in presentation
  • Handle difficult questions with poise and confidence
Min. Requirements

Participants should have an acceptable level of English and a need to make individual oral presesntations, whether prepared or impromptu.

Programme Details

Programme duration: 20 weeks (2hrs/once a week)

Time/Day*: Every Saturday, 10am – 12pm (Beginning 5 November 2016)

*Time & date are subject to change

Programme Fees

Total Fees*: RM 659.00 (Promo rate for registrations before 30 December 2016)

*Includes: 6% GST, Registration fee, Material fee

Programme Outline

This programme has been designed to enable executives/managers to convey ideas precisely in English and to utilize audio-visual aids effectively and efficiently in making an individual oral business presentation.  Participants will learn to structure a presentation and harness the power of appropriate body language to achieve a successful delivery.

  • Plan a business presentation – mind-maps and prioritisation
  • Plan an impactful introduction, interesting and relevant contents and challenging closure
  • Improve on appearance and gestures:
    • Maintaining eye contact
    • Posture and movement
    • Vocal projection and modulation
  • Create and use visuals effectively
  • Present one-on-one & handle Q & A sessions professionally