Your writing is a reflection of you and your organisation.

This business writing programme will help you write with clarity, effectiveness and professionalism. Whether you are writing emails, letters or reports, you will learn how to organise your thoughts, use a structured approach and choose the right words to create clear, concise and influential business documents. After programme, you will have the necessary tools and techniques to write appropriate messages for different audiences and purposes.

This programme consists of two (2) parts: the first, focusing on English language grammatical and sentence structure reinforcement and the second part, equipping the Participant with the skills required to prepare concise and accurate business documents.

Recommended for:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Management Trainees
Learning Outcomes
  • Use good grammar for clear and accurate communication
  • Write in clear and concise English
  • Express thoughts and ideas clearly to stakeholders
  • Avoid common mistakes in writing or breaches in business writing protocols
  • Declutter and stay focussed on your writing
Min. Requirements

Participants should have a decent level of exposure to English and a strong desire to improve general English communication skills at the workplace.

Programme Details

Programme duration: TBC

Time/Day*: TBC

*Time & date are subject to change

Programme Fees

Total Fees*: TBC

Programme Outline

Part One

Part One is essentially designed to close basic English proficiency gaps, intended for corporate participants who require assistance in rebuilding and repairing their confidence and ability to communicate in the language.  This includes:

  • Correction of common grammatical errors at work
  • Refresher in sound grammatical structures
  • Words, idioms, phrases and jargons of a wider business vocabulary base
  • Correction of common grammatical errors at work
  • Construction of grammatically correct sentences

Part Two

Part Two builds upon the earlier tenets of improved language proficiency levels, and is intended for those who need to improve on specific areas of English writing to enable effective preparation of typical business documents required at work. This includes:

  • Planning the information and structuring a document
  • Presenting ideas and opinions in written form
  • Writing emails and other correspondences for different situations
  • Describing non-linear information in technical reports